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Tutoring - Test Prep - Advising

Blaire Richter

As a private tutor with over 20 years experience, I specialize in an individual approach to learning. I know that each student comes to the table with their own particular strengths and natural talents. I meet students where they are in their academic journey and keep building on the already-present skills, while filling in any holes and presenting tips and guidelines for better study habits and test-taking abilities.

I believe that optimal learning is done within an environment of excitement for the subjects and respect for each other. I am excited to be part of the team that helps you get to your goals!

I have an inherent love of mathematics, writing, and, yes, taking tests. Sharing that excitement with my clients is my absolute joy!  My specialties include high school and college-level mathematics, writing, test prep, and general study skills as well as academic advising. 


Educational Support

Math Formulas and a Calculator
Student filling out answers to a test wi
Graduation Caps


High School and College Level




Algebra 2


Calculus 1, 2, and Multi Variable

Linear Algebra

Differential Equations


Writing Consultation and Editing

Note-taking and Study Skills

Test Preparation





Entrance and Placement Exams

Academic Advising

College Planning
Essay planning and editing 
College applications 
Scholarship searches and applications
Homeschool planning
Advisement for classes and schedules

College Students

Contact Me

with any questions or to schedule a session or a free meet and greet

7800 Cooper Rd., Suite 206
Montgomery, Ohio 45242


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